In partnership with the Ministry of Health in Mozambique, the Eduardo Mondlane Faculty of Medicine, the National Institute of Health of Mozambique, and local health leaders and stakeholders, the Centre set out to better understand the scope of Mozambique’s injury epidemic and identify targeted interventions to reduce related morbidity and mortality.

We are utilizing a novel electronic trauma registry application, iTRAUMA™, developed specifically for low-income countries. This innovative electronic trauma registry allows for rapid and real-time data collection and analysis essential in resource-limited settings.  This will set the foundation for surveillance, education, and implementation of effective policies to reduce the burden of injury.

To date the project is running in four hospitals in Mozambique with plans to scale up nationally. With the support of a Grand Challenges Canada® operating grant, this project involves a large team of allied health professionals and physicians, researchers, and coordinators, creating job opportunities both in Mozambique and Canada.



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