Fadi Hamadani - Researcher

Dr. Fadi Hamadani is a senior resident in General Surgery at McGill. He completed his Masters in Epidemiology under Dr. Razek and Dr. Schwartzman at McGill University, where his thesis focused on Northern Quebec's remote trauma system. He is now pursuing his PhD with the trauma group at McGill under Dr. Deckelbaum's and Dr. Razek's supervision.

His PhD focuses on the use of emerging technologies in trauma system development, injury surveillance, and surgical capacity building in low resource settings. As part of this project he has travelled to Mozambique, which is characterized by a heavy clinical burden and scarce human and material resources, to help introduce and develop a trauma registry in several hospitals. He is also a Graduate Award Program student at the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill University, where his studies focus on developing strategies to set the foundation for policy making with a goal of scaling up this project and reducing injury incidence. He will pursue a career in trauma and critical care surgery with a focus on conflict surgery.